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Q: I am a motorcyclist who rides every day on Highway 260 going past Payson Concrete at the intersection of 260 and Tyler Parkway. I have been concerned for some time now about the safety of myself and other riders because of the high level of gravel, dirt, etc. on the roads around Payson Concrete. Yesterday I saw another motorcyclist slip and crash because of the gravel. He was OK, but obviously shaken up and his motorcycle was damaged. Can anything be done about this dangerous situation?

A: "If (the hazard) is on Tyler Parkway, it is the Town's responsibility, in the turn lane it is ADOT's," said LaRon Garrett, town public works engineer.

According to Ron Wolwine, highway maintenance supervisor for the Arizona Department of Transportation, ADOT borrows the sweeper vehicle from Prescott once or twice a year to sweep nearby highways. But "usually the city comes out for us," Wolwine said. "They have a full-time sweeper here and they will sweep it a lot of the time because they know we don't have a full-time sweeper here. We have taken a regular broom and swept it up too."

Road hazards may be reported to the Town at 474-5242 (1) or ADOT at 474-2791.

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