Domestic Violence Victims Get Back On Their Feet One Creation At A Time


The women of the Time Out Shelter have a new outlet for their creativity by making and selling primitive or saltbox folk art. The pieces the women create are sold and the money used goes to the woman who made the art.

"(The money they make) helps eliminate some smaller bills that they may have and help the women feel like they are taking care of themselves," said Rita Jorgensen who provides the craft materials.


Rita Jorgensen provides craft materials for victims of domestic violence to create primitive or saltbox folk art. The money from the sale of the pieces goes to the woman who made the art.

A few months ago, Jorgensen met a young woman who lived at the shelter with her small children.

Jorgensen, a victim of domestic violence many years ago, said, "This is my way of giving back."

To keep their whereabouts secret, the women come to her home to work on the crafts.

"We make bird houses, potpourri pottery, terrariums and planters," she said.

Items range from $10 to $75.

All the proceeds from sales go back to the individual women.

Currently, they can be purchased at Plant Fair Nursery in Star Valley.

"Plant Fair has been wonderful to us," Jorgensen said. "They have donated the space and let us put whatever type of crafts we want there."

Beginning April 1, the garden art will also be available for purchase at the Time Out booth every Saturday through the summer at the Artist's Market in the Bashas' parking lot.

"We are going to get into as many craft shows as we can," Jorgensen said.

Businesses that wish to donate shelf space or individuals who wish to donate craft materials can contact Jorgensen at (928) 468-1416.

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