Setting The Straightened Record Straight Again



Does groundwater connect differently in Payson?

In the March 7 edition of the Payson Roundup, Payson Town Manager Fred Carpenter stated, "Let me set the record straight. There was only one well."

He said this pertaining to the Chilson Ranch well now owned by Hallie Overman. He went on to state that this "one well" was surrounded by fifteen production wells owned by the Town of Payson. The Town's wells he commented on were, as he admitted, within 3,500 feet to the west and within 4,800 feet to the east. Thus, he concluded, the Chilson Ranch well was "definitely not new water."

What a fascinating revelation. Perhaps Fred could also set the record straight by letting us all know how the conclusion that he so abrasively makes in Payson is in direct contrast to the one that the Town has made in Star Valley: i.e., the Randall-Haught well which the town so desperately wants to acquire at any cost is within 1,000 feet of dozens of production wells -- wells that provide life sustaining water to residents who have a right to protect their water supplies and their property values.

How can the town state so emphatically that fractured granite aquifers work one way within the town boundaries, but a completely different way in Star Valley. Perhaps while he is setting the record straight, he can also do a little more homework and learn the truth -- that there are actually two wells on the Chilson Ranch, neither of which has ever been tested by the Town of Payson, and neither of which is nearly as close to town production wells as the Randall-Haught well is to many neighbors in Star Valley.

In fact, Buzz Walker's comments in the March 17 paper state that as of 1994 the Town has developed 19 wells with a production capacity of 4,439 million gallons per day. He goes on to say that the town's average daily water usage is 1.3 million gallons per day. If this is all true, then why has the town ever been in a Stage 2 water restriction? Why is the Town trying to get water from Star Valley? Buzz makes it sound like there's plenty (of water).

Amazing that this whole issue has been hashed out in public before God and everyone for the past year, and yet when it comes to trying to "set the record straight" the town manager is still relying on a proven unreliable source of information. And, we all know that proven unreliable source is the head of the Payson Water Department.

Chris Benjamin, Diamond Star Water Coalition

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