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Re: Opinion piece on political cartoon

I read your opinion piece of March 17 regarding the publishing of a political cartoon. I cannot honestly argue with most of what you stated.

However, if you are implying that the "government bashing" going on today is in any way representative of American patriotism, you are sadly mistaken. I guess the current "everything is America's fault" mentality in so much of the media today is reflective of the same media during World War II. Not. You even went so far as to use Communist China as a comparison to what you see as a potential here in America if responsibility is asked of the press.

You need to look in the mirror without your rose colored glasses on. The media, all fashions of it, have brought this distrust and skepticism on themselves. A bit self-serving, to justify one's lack of support for their president during a time of war, by hiding behind some Fourth Estate elitism. I don't feel anyone can honestly believe that any journalist today would ever put their country's interests ahead of the journalistic principles taught them in their college studies.

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