Student Questions Quality Of School Cafeteria



A couple of weeks ago you got a letter from a student saying that the cafeteria wasn't doing very well at Rim Country Middle School. Well, I would have to agree with her.

My name is Frankie Minturn and I'm in the seventh grade at RCMS. My class right before lunch is band, so a lot of the time we decide to be held back so that we can be able to practice more. When we get to the cafeteria the food is cold and there is barely any left for those of us who choose to use our time wisely.

Even when we aren't held back, the selection is very little and the line is very long. When my friends and I finally receive our food, there are no spots left for us to sit.

So, we have to stand at the side until everyone else is dismissed. Then there is only one minute left for us to eat, so most of the time we're not even eating half our lunch.

We need more selections of food and the people working in the cafeteria shouldn't shut down so soon when they know there are more kids. We also need more tables or places to sit. Also, most of the seats at the tables are tilted and very uncomfortable. I would also like to see the workers in the cafeteria be a little more friendly, because my friends and I are always being yelled at.

Thank you for your time. I am just hoping that things might be changed a little for the benefit of us students.

Frankie Minturn, Seventh-grade student, Payson

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