Vote For Diana Sexton



Thank you to everyone who voted in the Primary Election.

Now, we are preparing for the General Election. Ballots will be mailed in April, and the election ends May 15, 2006.

On March 10, 2006, the Payson Roundup published a very informative article listing the campaign contributions to the individual candidates.

Reading it, I felt like Payson was the Red Sea, split with "special interests" (those who might gain financially) on one side and common people on the other.

Let's prove in this General Election that we, the people of Payson, care for one another. We are willing to work, to tighten our belts, and we do not expect the "government" (our tax money) to solve all our problems.

Vote for Diana Sexton. Her special interest group is the people of Payson (although she accepted no money for her campaign as of 3/10/06). She is an honest and respectful voice of the people of Payson. We all would benefit by having her on the Payson Town Council.

Shirley McGeary, Payson

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