Water Systems Save Money In Long Term


Alan Roeder got into the water business eight years ago after answering an ad in a New Mexico newspaper.

"They were looking for someone with tools and a truck, and I had both of those," Roeder said. "I knew how to use tools and I was looking for a way to start my own business."


Alan Roeder, owner of Mountain Water Systems, backs all of his American-made water purification equipment with a lifetime guarantee.

And thus, after on-the-job training and experience, Roeder did open his own company, Mountain Water Systems LLC.

The world of water purification is a technical and specialized expertise -- what works on one water source isn't necessarily appropriate for another.

Don't count on commercially sold softening equipment to solve all your water issues either: City water and well water require different solutions.

"You can't just use any softener," Roeder said. "Well water is misunderstood to be cleaner, but well water varies. City water is typically cleaner because it's treated and tested."

Roeder's customers seek relief from a variety of water issues -- either it stinks, tastes bad, or leaves deposits on glasses and other household surfaces.

A combination of iron, rock, debris and minerals harden water. Chemicals and bacteria can taint water, too.

"Bacteria is a big one," Roeder said. "A water system can remove all these things."

To pinpoint issues, Roeder conducts comprehensive, onsite tests.

"Some things I can determine by looking," he said. "The back of the bowl will have brown or black stains -- that would indicate high iron. If there are major issues, I'll send my samples to a water chemist for further testing."

After he receives the results, Roeder confers with an independent water engineer.

"Then we tailor make a system for a customer's water problems," he said. "I have equipment specifically designed for all situations."

Water systems, said Roeder, equal long-term savings.

"You have an unlimited amount of pure water for cooking and drinking," he said. "Purified water leaves your skin feeling soft because it removes the rock and debris that leeches moisture."

Roeder installed a water system in Pat Thompson's house last year.

"I have the water even hooked to my refrigerator so I have clear ice cubes," Thompson said. "I never have any residue.

Roeder uses potassium instead of the traditional softening compound, salt.

"It's friendlier to the environment and you don't have the extra sodium in your diet," he said. Roeder's systems are made in the U.S. and come with a lifetime warranty. He also schedules annual filter changes to maintain the quality of the water.

"I enjoy what I do because I know people are drinking pure water," Roeder said. "I'm helping them improve their lives."

To learn more about your water, contact Mountain Water Systems, (928) 970-0100.

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