Young Author Book Signing Saturday

Book sales to benefit Community Kids program


Last year Morgan DiFelice thought she might be an actress when she grew up. This year, she has decided there are too many career choices for a girl of 10 to choose right now. She will wait until she grows up.

Until then, she will write stories.


Ten-year-old Morgan DiFelice signs a copy of her book "The Witch Who Stole the Golden Shoes." DiFelice wrote and illustrated the children's story and has sold 200 copies, giving a portion of the proceeds to the local Payson Community Kids program. She will be at a book signing 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at Fireside Espresso, 614 N. Beeline Highway.

To date, DiFelice has sold 200 copies of her book "The Witch Who Stole the Golden Shoes." She wrote and illustrated the book 15 months ago, but continues to promote it through book signings.

"Book signings are fun," DiFelice said.

She has held eight book signings so far, and her next one will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, April 1 at Fireside Espresso, 614 N. Beeline Highway.

The plot of "The Witch Who Stole the Golden Shoes" follows a boy as he tries to get his shoes back from the thief who stole them.

The book costs $12 and at this signing, 20 percent of all proceeds will benefit Payson Community Kids, a charity DiFelice and her mom like. If you miss the signing, the book is also available on

Though "The Witch Who Stole the Golden Shoes" is still doing well, DiFelice isn't resting on her laurels. She recently completed "The Witch Who Stole Christmas."

She and her mom are still looking at the sales of the first book and will decide later whether to publish the second book.

"It's fun writing books, because you can make up characters and the ideas," DiFelice said.

"Army Girls Don't Teach Gym" is the story she is working on now.

She got the idea for the title from reading the Bailey School House Kids Series by Debbie Dadey.

"One of those books was titled ‘Vampires Don't Go On Vacation,'" she said. "My gym teacher is a lot like an army girl, because she does a lot of hard stuff with us.

"So, (the story) is based on her."

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