Diana Sexton Loves Payson, Her Hometown



Just a few thoughts on Diana Sexton. We have six very good candidates to choose from for our new council members. Among the choices, Diana has been cast as a light-weight. I hope his letter helps to alleviate that profile.

As a Paysonite, she has shown excellent business astuteness. She is involved in three businesses, all a bit different, and each is successful. She has proven herself as a good businesswoman.

She is supporting her own campaign financially. Her family has been an asset to our community and they back her decision to run for council.

While Ms. Sexton is working for the family enterprise she is not able to participate in many organizations.

However, what she has chosen to be a part of are: the Surface Transportation Committee, the Economic Restructuring Committee, and the Northern Gila County Historical Society, NGRW; all in line with gaining knowledge of the working of the community and of its needs.

Retirement isn't on her agenda yet, so she is not looking for a substitute situation to relieve boredom, like many of us.

Ms. Sexton loves Payson, her hometown. She feels there are problems facing our town and that her input might be helpful to secure a solution to these. She has become successful because of her intelligence, integrity and tenacity. Many can also relate to her kindness during problem times.

In my opinion, Diana Sexton is a sincere, experienced woman in business, and an intelligent person to add to our council.

Julia Lynch, Payson

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