Sport Chance For Hunters To Use Bows All Year



Bow fishing for carp was the hot topic last Saturday morning at The Tackle Box in Tonto Basin. The seminar was led by Jimmy Ridge, an avid and well-known bow fisherman who has a real passion in sharing his expertise. The hour and a half presentation included numerous topics from equipment, techniques, and the environmental advantages of bow fishing on the Salt River chain of lakes. Another former Payson resident, Scott Darnell, also shared the platform in answering a multitude of questions by the crowd in attendance.

As I listened to the environmental impact of keeping the carp population in check by sportsmen, it seemed obvious that we need more bow fishermen to take to the waters of Roosevelt Lake.


Bowfishing for carp was the hot topic March 25 at The Tackle Box in Tonto Basin.

Carp are considered a rough fish that challenge the fresh water sport fish in any lake by consuming the eggs of bass and crappies that are on the spawning beds in the shallows. If you have fished in the spring on Roosevelt, you no doubt have observed these schools of marauding carp.

There is a growing number of bass and crappie fishermen that not only take rods in their boat, but also throw a bow on the platform, ready to hunt the wily carp when they come within shooting range.

It doesn't take much to rig a bow and a couple of arrows for carp fishing in doing your part to control an ever-increasing carp population.

As the seminar came to a close, those in attendance who wanted to try their skills were invited to come on board one of the many boats provided by Arizona Bowfishermen. Three hours later, most of the 25 novices who took advantage of the hands-on shoot said there was nothing like it and wanted to try their skills again at bow fishing for carp.

Scott Reger, a longtime employee of Payson Public Schools, said he was hooked and is ready to buy an inexpensive kit for bow fishing. Scott, being an avid archer for big game, said it was a great way to continue shooting a bow in those off-season months.

If you would like to know more about bow fishing for carp or would like to enter one of the local tournaments, give Jimmy Ridge a call at (928) 970-1000 or Scott Darnell at (928) 899-9999 and they will be more than willing to help you expand your archery season to include the spring and summer in Arizona.

This weekend, with the great weather, head to the outdoors and enjoy God's creation.

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