Town Doesn't Need To Create Things For Teens To Do



I am writing this in response to April Mouritsen's Nov. 15 Letter to the Editor, "Teens need more to do."

Also, my friends and I attended the candidate's forum at Payson High School several weeks ago. One of the questions for the candidates was about bringing a YMCA to Payson so the teenagers will have someplace to go and something to do.

In April Mouritsen's letter she wrote, "If there were more things for the younger youth to do, there would be less alcohol and drug abuse and teen pregnancy. If more organized activities were available, we teens would less likely get involved in alcohol, drugs, or sexual actions."

I think it is not the town's responsibility to entertain us. I think it is up to the parents. I think there are already a lot of things to do in town but kids just don't take advantage of them.

Several of the churches have good programs and activities that are safe and fun for everyone. The town has organized sports. In the summer, there are really fun Teen Nights at Taylor Pool.

The firemen and the policemen and other organizations go all out to put together a fun night for kids. But there are usually less than 20 kids that show up on a night.

I do not agree with April Mouritsen's letter, because I feel we have tons of activities to do but we do not take advantage of them. That is why I feel that we should not have a YMCA made in Payson.

Nick Randall, Eighth-grader at Rim Country Middle School, Payson

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