We'll Miss Sheryl's Smile


Sheryl McKeen touched the lives of most who met her during her short time with us. Her untimely death has awakened precious memories of the vibrant young woman who loved fishing, horses, softball and good times with her friends.

For this old teacher, Sheryl will always be the frisky, spirited teenager who almost two decades ago lit up my math classroom with her smile and charismatic personality.


Sheryl Lynn McKeen, 31, of Payson, was killed March 26 in a motorcycle accident near the South Park boat ramp at Lake Pleasant.

As the news spread about her death, the Payson Roundup was overwhelmed with calls and e-mails. Over the past week, the Roundup collected comments people sent to us remembering Sheryl McKeen. Here is a glimpse into the lives she touched.

"A beautiful, smiling, treasure (has been) lost, and oh, what a hole she has left in our hearts."

Larry and Pat Woolsey

"Sheryl was laughter, smiles and fun, all things this world needs more of, not less. Our world just became a little darker and smaller. We hope her new ‘world' is bigger, brighter and better."

Ginger Sparks

"Sheryl was never without a smile that captivated an entire room. She was someone we all looked forward to seeing and being with."

Jackie Messick

"When thinking of Sheryl, it takes me back to the good times at softball games, camping trips, ATV rides and the great gatherings. Sheryl was a great person and had a beautiful smile and a way of being that made you want to be a good friend to her."

Patty Behm

"Part of Sheryl McKeen's unique and sparkling personality came from her humorous take on life. She always walked to the beat of a different drummer and that is what made her special to us."

Ray and Roxanne Savage

"The first and the last thing I always saw in Sheryl and that everyone is going to miss is her beautiful smile."

Rene and Jimmy Morris

"I'll remember Sheryl best as the little freckle-face kid who hung around the ball park and everyone loved."

Charlene Hunt

"Many years ago we were all down at Roosevelt Lake, a bunch of us girls went out on the ‘Beach Hog.' Let's just say that afternoon had a lot to do with ‘Catfish Bells,' dancing and tears of laughter. I'll miss my beautiful friend."

Carol Fagan

"She was my best friend and my life will not be the same without her."

Tandi Burket

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