Comments About Ed Blair Untrue



Reading the mud slinging political Letters to the Editor I must address the one from Dale Oestmann. We also live in Payson Pines and know Ed and Carol Blair. Mr. Oestmann stated on April 21, they purchased their home in 2003 for $300,000. In fact, they purchased in 2002 at a base price of $159,000. Quite a difference.

Oestmann also stated the Blair's builder was from out of town.

In fact, GFM Development is a Payson developer and owner Larry McIntyre lives in Payson. Oestmann also stated he is a resident in the Payson area and in the same paragraph states he cannot vote in Payson as he lives in Pine.

Mr Oestmann, these lies are disgusting and you need to go back to Human Relations 101.

Robert Romelfanger, Payson Pines homeowner

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