Greed And Property Rights At Issue In Election



Most of the citizens of Payson are tired of the vindictive personal attacks on Bob Edwards made by supporters of Mayor Brewer, including some of our present city employees. This group refuses to address the main issue that is affecting us all now and will negatively affect every man, woman and child in Payson.

That issue is the competition between greed and your property rights.

Wealthy landowners and developers, both in Payson and outside of our area, want the right to build as many homes as the land will hold. They will make their millions and leave. They don't care about what will happen to Payson, or, whether we and future residents will have enough water to maintain our quality of life.

That's why they're spending big dollars on newspaper and radio ads to conduct personal attacks.

What they are not doing is discussing the primary issue that will affect us all. That issue is water.

We are currently on Stage 2 water restrictions. We will be on Stage 3 or Stage 4 water restrictions long before the summer is over. Yet, they continue to say that there's enough water for everybody, including the hundreds (thousands?) of additional new homes they'll build in the next five years if they have their way. That's in addition to our historical annual building permit level.

They promise higher property taxes, higher sales taxes, loss of jobs, school down sizing, loss of services in health care and loss of police and fire protection if we don't allow the landowners and developers free rein.

That's not the truth.

The truth is that if they get their way, you can expect more and more water restrictions, leading to decreasing property values. Nobody will buy a home without an assured supply of water.

If we continue our present course of action, the existing residents of Payson will receive none of the developers' profits, but will receive all of the grief of water shortage.

And, that's the truth. That's why a change in our city leadership is so crucial.

Larry Brophy, Payson

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