How Long Do You Have To Live In Payson To Not Be A Newcomer?



Barbara Brewer spent a lot of time talking about "newcomers" and "newbies." Does that mean I should feel honored? After all I am a "newcomer." I have been a property owner, paying Payson taxes and supporting the town of Payson for seven years. I have lived in Payson for over six years. The reason I feel honored is that I am trusted enough to have a ballot. I guess that means I am trusted enough by the town's officials to know what's the best for Payson, my home.

By the way, how long does it take and how much money does one have to spend in Payson before they are not labeled a "newcomer?"

As a responsible homeowner and adult, I find her "labeling" an insult to me and others like me who make this town a wonderful place to live.

Elizabeth Keddington, Payson

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