Middle School Student Offers Perspective On Elections



I am a 13-year-old girl (in eighth grade) who attends Rim Country Middle School and I am disappointed in how the campaign for the Payson election went. People were bringing up the past in negative ways that started rumors, and being very rude about the whole thing. Many adults tell us that name-calling, making rumors, and being rude is a bad thing, yet they, themselves, are doing it.

We should keep our opinions to ourselves if they are mean and are not absolutely factual. We should go to the people who are being talked about and ask them if it is true and we shouldn't bring up the past in negative ways because everyone has something in the past that they may regret or that they may have changed. At the middle school, gossip and rumors are huge and ruin groups of people and good friends. I think that this election is pitting people against people.

Becca Branstetter, Payson

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