No One Seemed Interested In Bladders Two Years Ago



When the fire was raging, and Payson, Pine, and Strawberry were threatened a while back, I took pen in hand and drew up a diagram for a delivery system for fire retardant, using the "bladder" concept, recalling an experience with my Uncle Sam.

I made an appointment with the mayor via her cell phone for 9:30 a.m., arriving promptly. The mayor didn't show up, so I departed twenty minutes later.

The airport manager was leaving as well, so I described my proposal to him. He replied, without hesitation, that the proposal was too expensive, and besides they had a good system.

I'm pleased to see that time doesn't diminish the thought process. I sent a copy to the governor, too. No response.

Al Einstein remarked on his own experience: "Ideas and innovations are always ridiculed by mediocre minds."

Thanks, Al.

S. Tyree, Payson

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