Offering A Look At The Citizens Awareness Committee Checkbook



I am the secretary-treasurer of the Citizens Awareness Committee in Payson. We are registered with the state and the Town of Payson as a political group, and are required to prepare and submit frequent campaign finance reports -- especially during political campaigns. These reports are open to the public through the town clerks office.

I am outraged at the orange flier, prepared by "Citizens for Payson's Economic Future" that was delivered with the Payson Roundup newspaper on April 26.

This flier reported that the Citizens Awareness Committee raised $1,866.86 for the Bob Edwards campaign for mayor. It also stated that the CAC spent $1,217.07 to support Edwards' election.

That is an outright lie.

The CAC is supported by residents who attend our meetings, offering $20 or less a year in volunteer dues. At no time has the CAC had available the amount of money claimed as being given away to Mr. Edwards. The most money we ever have had in our checkbook was $1,121.47, and that was on Aug. 13, 2001.

We currently have in our checkbook $585.56. This week, I expect a bill from the Roundup for $223.65. In addition, we have one $25 share in a credit union that draws a penny interest a month. We also have a petty cash of $28.12, and it has not been touched in five years.

The CAC did buy a quarter page ad in the Roundup supporting Bob Edwards for mayor and Ed Blair for council at a cost of $193.01. We also had a quarter page ad supporting Bob Edwards for mayor and Ed Blair, Diane Sexton and Richard Croy for council. I will be billed for that ad this week, which will leave the CAC with a checking account of $361.91.

If the "Citizens for Payson's Economic Future" lied about our contributions to Bob Edwards, then they also lied about "Community Based Growth" and the "Committee for Responsible Government" contributions.

We cannot tell Payson residents how to vote, but we can say that we must have a change of the town council and a mayor who consistently sits on the golden throne and fumbles and mumbles.

Dave Engleman, Secretary-Treasurer, Citizens Awareness Committee

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