Payson Needs More Businesses Like The Door Stop



Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Although my March vote for Payson mayor went to Bob Edwards, my May vote will not. If there were a ‘None of the Above' choice at this election, ‘None' would receive my vote.

Although I am in disagreement with many of our current mayor's decisions, I do not believe she is in favor of closing down Mr. Hill's Door Stop business. Mr. Edwards, has convinced me that he would like Mr. Hill to go away, along with any other "dirty, noisy businesses."

It's right there on his Web site: "Determine how we can attract clean, quiet businesses to Payson." There it is -- an apparent slap at Mr. Hill.

Well, I disagree. Payson needs to attract more Mr. Hills.

More dirty, noisy jobs, the kind of jobs that pay a living wage. Although I feel awful about those poor folks out by the airport who have to put up with that "irritating, high-pitched whine," I have no sympathy for fools who purchase residential property in proximity to acreage zoned for commercial, industrial and aviation use and expect quiet.

Or, did they purchase with the intent and expectation of banding together and harassing businesses like Mr. Hill's? And I have even less sympathy for a political wolf in sheep's clothing. Bob Edwards will not be receiving my vote. Our town leadership needs to be behind Mr. Hill and his like, not against him.

John Kruger, Payson

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