Senior Center Issues Addressed Well In Article



I would like to personally thank Carol La Valley for her article regarding the Payson Senior Center.

I am proud of our Payson Senior Center staff for reinforcing our present needs to the people of Payson. Let's face it, we hope someday every one of us will be a senior and utilize the services of the Payson Senior Center.

We are excited about someday having additional transportation, as our present vehicles are old. We deliver 100 meals on wheels per day, plus take people shopping, doctor's appointments, or to pick up prescriptions.

The second issue, as our kitchen staff expressed, is the need for improved kitchen facilities. We could use a convection oven, vegetable steamer and extra staff members or volunteers.

The third issue is our Senior Center Thrift Store. We are doing very well but as stated by Mariam Barber, we have outgrown our building and back yard. We need more room.

These needs have been expressed to the Town of Payson. We rely on grants, reimbursement from Pinal Gila County Council on Aging, income from the Thrift Store, donations from the County and Town of Payson, and volunteers to take care of our seniors. We are grateful to Carol La Valley for her article and our hope is that our town will realize the need to support our seniors.

A voluntary Board of Directors governs the Center and takes their fiduciary duties very seriously. Most of the funds we receive are specifically designated for use in the Center. They can only be used for their specified purpose, and this over a 12-month period. There are some employees and volunteers who would have us use these funds irresponsibly, but the Center has been held to its planned budgetary goals.

At Thursday's Council meeting, Tim Fruth was adamant about the nonprofits being fiscally independent. Well, many of us are, but we rely on the generosity of our citizens and supporters. Our support should be from the entire town, not just a few loving supporters. We need newer facilities, as we struggle now to meet our obligations.

If anyone is interested in volunteering at our Payson Senior Center please contact Marsha Cauley at (928) 474-4876.

William Martin, President, Payson Multi-Purpose Senior Center Board of Directors

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