Star Valley Resident Supports Brewer



After living in Payson for over 10 years, I moved to Star Valley last September. It is a wonderful community with wonderful people, just like Payson. In fact, having taught at Frontier Elementary School for over ten years, I always had students from Payson and Star Valley. I generally considered the two to really be one community.

However, when the whole water issue hit the fan, I began to feel a polarizing of the communities, and I found myself participating in it. I was thrilled when residents of Payson, led by Bob Edwards, started to speak out against the council's actions related to Star Valley water.

Without knowing him, I placed Bob Edwards on my list of "great people." However, as time has gone by, I have come to question Bob Edward's intentions. I now believe that he is simply using the Star Valley water issue in an effort to capitalize on the public's general sense of fair play so that he can be elected mayor. I have called Barbara Brewer a friend for many years, and, no, I don't agree with all of her decisions as mayor. However, I know without a doubt that Barbara Brewer is honest in all that she does and makes decisions based on the best interests of the people. I can't say that Bob Edwards will do that. I have come to believe that his support of the Star Valley water situation is just as shallow as our areas' water resources.

Brad Bolt, Star Valley

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