Story On Senior Center Meeting Excellent



Carol La Valley's article reporting on the meeting of April 20 at the Payson Senior Center was excellent. I was there and this is the reason for my writing. I understand the president of the board and the other members of the board are blaming Marsha Cauley for that meeting and she received a threatening letter. She had nothing to do with calling that meeting. I was invited to attend by a friend who knew I had served over 10 years on the board and wanted me to apply to run for the board in June.

I was told the meeting was only to let the members, who were there for lunch and were eligible to vote in June, know what problems the Center was having so they could vote for qualified people and could ask pertinent questions of those who were running. This is a 50l(C)3 corporation so the members have every right to do that, I believe.

Marsha has been an excellent director and the seniors love her. I know because I was on the board when she was hired and I worked with her from the beginning. I think the Board should be grateful that meeting took place and it was a shame only two members stayed to hear some of the problems.

My concern would be the reporting by Marion Barber, the Director of the Thrift Store, on the Thrift Store problems and especially the raw sewage problem. That's a health hazard for everyone working in the Thrift Store and those who go into the store. The Board should address that immediately. When I was on the board, we depended on the Thrift Store to pick up the money short fall for Meals on Wheels.

Ruth Craig, Payson

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