Thank You For Making Easter Egg Hunt Successful



The Second Annual Take Pride Pine and Strawberry Easter Egg Hunt was a rousing success. The event, held Saturday, April 15, at Pine Trailhead, attracted 75 Pine and Strawberry children.

The children, babies to 10 year olds, had a great time hunting for eggs amongst the Pine, Juniper and Mesquite trees at the trailhead. I want to thank the kids, all of whom were well-behaved and wonderful.

They followed directions, taking their time at the beginning of the hunt to ensure no one got hurt or trampled, took only the allotted number of eggs for each child and waited patiently in line for their toy at the end of the event.

The parents were terrific, too, looking out for their kids and others and ensuring a safe and happy egg hunt. I feel so blessed to live in Pine and to be a part of such a caring community.

The egg hunt would not have been successful without the help of Tonto Rim Search and Rescue, whose members volunteered their time to direct traffic from Highway 87 into Pine Trailhead and the Pine Strawberry Fire Department, who showed up in their engine truck at 11:15 a.m. and stayed to the end.

The children had a ball checking out the big fire truck. Several local businesses donated money for the event. A big thank you to Moose Mountain Gifts, Tymeless Antiques, Blue's Gallery, Pine Deli, Gary Lovetro and the Rimside Grill. Thanks to Dave Prechtel, of Pine Station, for picking up litter so the kids could have a clean hunt.

Last, but not least, thank you to Diane Roeder and Greg Zimmerman, who gave up an entire Sunday afternoon to stuff 1,000 plastic eggs with candy and then gave up their day to hide the eggs and do all the work before, during and after the event.

Jennifer Zimmerman, Pine

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