Vote For Diana Sexton



As Election Day gets closer, I am writing about one of the council candidates, Diana Sexton, and why I believe she would make a great addition to the Council. I have known Diana and her family for about five years and found them to be very compassionate about the most vulnerable among us.

The whole family willingly pitches in to help people in our community, but you will never hear about it from them.

After having worked with Diana on many volunteer projects and finding her to be a very hard worker, I feel she can meet the challenges and deal effectively and efficiently with the issues in our best interest.

These are things I do know about Diana: She is not a career politician and her votes will be made for the good of the citizens. She will represent the people without conflict of interest. Diana will advocate for smart growth that comes in an orderly process, with citizens' input, which will preserve the character of our town.

I do know Diana wants effective leadership, respectful, understandable government for the people, honesty and common sense values and real fiscal accountability for the hard-working taxpayer. I have listened to her discuss all these things over the years. She talks about a safe Payson that creates a great place to do business and an even better place to retire or bring up a family, which means support for outstanding police, fire, and public works departments. These are her core beliefs and she has held to them during the time I have known her.

Diana has tremendous energy and could be the "go to" person when something needs to be done. I have watched her do extensive research on ideas and make the contacts to find answers to people's concerns. I know she wants what we all want: customer friendly, accountable government, respectful dialogue between citizens and council, safe neighborhoods with good roads, viable local businesses, common sense values, and sound fiscal policy. I believe we could use Diana Sexton's energy and enthusiasm on the council.

Fay James, Payson

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