What Was The Point Of That Flier Anyway?



I read with interest the flier in the Tuesday Payson Roundup. The whole thing was quite ludicrous. It meant to come across as Bob Edwards having deep pockets and because of that we should have a little sympathy for poor old Barbara Brewer and Jon Barber.

Nowhere in the entire inflammatory flier did I see the expenditures for Citizens for Payson's Economic Future -- the group who put the flier out. This leaves me to wonder what else they left out of it. If they can't put their own expenditures in, what's the point in believing anything at all on the flier? What was the point of the flier anyway? All that this group managed to bring out for their advertising dollars is that Barbara Brewer has a lot less political backing than she's trying to make us believe.

If the people of Payson are backing Edwards that's their business. If the people don't have enough confidence to back the incumbent mayor, that is also their business. If the Citizens for Payson's Economic Future want to spend their money on half-truths and innuendoes, that is also their business. However, they should not expect rational intelligent people to believe anything in the flier.

Kathleen J. Farrell, Payson

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