Feeling Lost? It's Not Your Fault



We are living in a time when the numbers of people who exhibit serious problems with life exceed the numbers who are living well. Perhaps it is time to turn from perceiving the individuals as the problem and refocus on their training.

The world is crazy because we have crazy training in how to be, how to live and what is important, thus our Western culture has adopted a model which can be though of as a "Doing Model."

It can be conceptualized as a straight line because it is clearly linear in focus. It is work-related and oriented toward achieving goals and gaining external rewards.

This way of life follows a straight line beginning at birth. Each subsequent step is marked by achievement and obtaining something new - a degree, a promotion, a marriage, a bigger house, more cares, more wealth, and on and on.

Each step is quickly compared to the one before, which is less, and to the one ahead, which is more.

There is always another goal to reach until one gets to the end, which is not death, but retirement.

This model stops it implies that life is work -- it is not interested in life without .

This may be a model for one aspect of life, but it is a terrible model for all aspects of life. We have become goal-oriented, competitive, judgmental, externally focused and lost-without-work in our spiritual, emotional, interactive and physical spheres.

No wonder the world feels so crazy and we feel so lost.

We need to stop blaming ourselves for inappropriate training and begin utilizing another for living.

Other cultures have developed a centuries-old model which can be conceived as a model of being.

In my next column, you will learn how to start living the, "Being Model."

Dyanne Yellowlight-Anderson is an intuitive adviser living in Payson and owner of Above and Beyond Holistic Services and Life Coaching. Yellowlight-Anderson uses her gift of clairvoyance to help people find new truths, purposes and beauty while helping them to release pain, doubt and suffering.

To ask Yellowlight-Anderson advice, forward anonymous questions to fmegdal@payson.com or drop your questions off at the Payson Roundup offices, 708 N. Beeline Hwy., Attn: Felicia Megdal. Submissions will be published in this column. For more information visit: www.spiritualitybeyond.com.

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