Another Perspective On The Roundabout



Regarding the fuss made over the roundabout at Tyler Parkway and the Beeline, Roundup readers might be interested in this article from the latest issue of the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter.

"Traffic circles, also called roundabouts, reduce the risk of injury-causing crashes by as much as 75 percent, compared to intersections with traffic lights or stop signs, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. That's why more traffic circles are being built in this country. They are safe, in large part, because cars don't approach each other at right angles or head on, thus avoiding the most dangerous types of crashes. Moreover, without traffic lights, drivers don't speed up to "beat" the red light or make risky left turns across oncoming traffic. Circles also produce fewer traffic delays (since usually there's no need to stop), so they significantly reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions."

Kate Blickhahn, Payson

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