Brewer's Smear Campaign Leaving Me Speechless



As those who know me can attest, there are very few times when I am rendered speechless. However, I have since recovered from this state since reading Mayor Barbara Brewer's latest attack on Bob Edwards and his mayoral campaign (Mail Call, April 25). She alludes to an e-mail, an "accusatory and scurrilous" one.

We have only her word that this e-mail really exists, but she has "no doubt" that he is going to use this e-mail against her. How would he use a "scurrilous" e-mail that he has written against her? The really incredulous part of her letter, however,

is that she accuses Mr. Edwards of taking the "low road" in the campaign.

It has become very obvious where the mud-slinging, character slander and hired-gun politics have been coming from. (Hint: It wasn't from Jon Barber's camp.)

I've been told on many occasions that a lot of her "supporters" are professional campaign supporters, hired from the Valley. All you have to do is pay them, and they will put their name on your ad and write nasty things about your opponent. Did you recognize all of those names in her ads? Many are not in the Payson phone book. My wife and I have lived in Payson for 13 years. We don't intend to leave. We also make a goodly part of our income from the housing industry, drafting custom home plans.

Brewer's scare tactics are not going to stop us from voting for Bob Edwards. Integrity and honesty are important to us.

Herb and Cindy Bartholomew, Payson

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