Council Moves Forward On Codes, Software


The town of Star Valley continues to fortify its administrative infrastructure with pending plans to move its headquarters from the Star Valley Southern Baptist Church to a plot of Forest Service land east of town.

"It's a nice little 5-acre lot that would have easy access," said Town Manager Lanny Sloan.

Tuesday evening, May 2, the town council voted unanimously to hire a surveyor who will determine the legal description of the land -- a leasing stipulation imposed by the federal government.

The estimate for services, provided by Northstar Surveying, came in at $1,300.

The town council also agreed to contract a codifier to delineate town codes and the purchase of software tailored for small-town accounting and billing.

Sterling Codifiers, for the initial price of $500, will provide a set of codes to Star Valley.

The firm suggested using Snowflake's municipal codes as a foundation.

Through time, the council can modify the code to fit specific needs.

To augment town formation, the council agreed to purchase specialized software at a cost of $6,835.

"A lot of people say we can just go down to the store and buy whatever," Sloan said. "The town needs to meet certain accounting standards."

As Star Valley grows and utilities come online, the software's capacity for billing customers for town services will expand, too.

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