Hang A Banner, 'No Illegal Immigrants Allowed In Payson'



Hooray for Graves' response to the Payson Roundup's "bleeding heart" editorial on illegal immigration.

We are afraid to speak out about the invasion of illegal immigrants to Payson. It would be impolite. We are lemmings, and we tolerate it.

Why? They are criminals. Prejudice? Yes, I am prejudiced regarding illegal immigration and not ashamed to admit it. Legal immigration is great. That's how our ancestors got here. I grew up in Southern California and guess who my school chums were.

They only waved the American flag, had to speak English per their parents and schools and were proud to do so. Illegal immigration destroyed Southern California, and it is destroying Arizona. Homes on our block have been rented to illegals with perhaps twenty men and women sneaking in and out at night. Maybe your street is next.

Sections in Payson are now called "Little Tijuana."

I once asked a city official what they were going to do about this influx. The stock answer was, "INS won't pick them up and our jails are too small to hold them."

Well, too bad if they're uncomfortable. I don't care if you put forty criminals in a crowded cell.

America should send a bill to President Fox every year for what we pay in medical, social services and teachers. Fox must be laughing his head off at America.

I suggest the Payson Roundup interview each candidate on his or her solution to illegal immigration in Payson.

I would like people who might agree with me to have the town pay for and hang a huge banner across Highway 87 that reads "No Illegal Immigrants Allowed in Payson," in Spanish and in English.

CNN would show up on our doorstep and maybe other cities across America would do the same, in support.

Just maybe our Washington Big Shots would get the picture of what the Average American wants.

Too bad we have to all work and keep our kids in school so we can't amass millions to march. If you want to be a "bleeding heart" newspaper, that's your option, but I think there are more of us than you. Perhaps, I am alone. Maybe not. Maybe I'm wrong. Anybody out there have an opinion on Payson and our country's illegal immigration? If so, how about a Letter to the Editor?

Sue Dolan, Payson

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