Id Rules Changing For Next Election


Participating in the elections this fall will require formal identification from voters.

To comply with Proposition 200, Gila County will be mailing voter identification cards to all registered voters around May 22. To cast a ballot in the Sept. 12 primary and the Nov. 7 general election, voters must present this identification card and photo ID, according to Linda Haught Ortega, Gila County Recorder.


Linda Haught Ortega

"An Arizona driver's license issued after October 1996 would be enough," she said.

Other acceptable identification would be a legible birth certificate and any supporting documentation for name changes, according to the recorder.

Ortega requested and was given $25,000 from the board of supervisors May 2 to purchase the materials and contract for printing and mailing the new voter ID cards.

She said when voters receive the cards, they will also get information about the state law requiring their use and additional details.

"Once they get the ID cards, voters need to go over the information carefully to make sure it is correct," Ortega said. The information on the card and driver's license must match that in the voter rolls. "If you get a card for someone who is deceased or no longer at the address, we need to hear from you as soon as possible. Don't just throw the mailing away. If the person is deceased, put that on the envelope and return it to the post office and they will mail it back to us. If the person has moved and you know the forwarding address, print that on the envelope and send it back."

Persons not receiving a voter ID mailing from the county by early June should contact the recorder's office. The voter rolls may have an incorrect address for you or you may have been removed.

Additional information will be published closer to the elections, Ortega said.

The deadline to register to vote in the September primary is Aug. 14. Early voting begins Aug. 10. Registration must be completed by Oct. 9 to vote in the November general election, she said.

The telephone number for the recorder's office in Payson is (928) 474-7139; in Globe, the number is (928) 425-3231, extension 8730, or call toll free, 1 (800) 304-4452, ext. 8730.

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