Let's Not Try This Michigan Experiment



I wish everyone in Payson was able to read the Associated Press article on page B6 of the Arizona Republic on April 9. The article is about the Mayor of Tombstone, Andree DeJournett, who thought it would be a good idea to cover a three block historic asphalt street with dirt and gravel so the horse drawn stage coaches would look more as they did during its gun fighting days.

The Mayor is a four-year resident of Tombstone, from Flint, Mich.

The story goes on about how the mayor spread the gravel, then spread chemicals to keep the dust down, which in turn was tracked into all the places along the street causing some very unhappy business owners.

Mayor DeJournett campaigned for office on a promise to make changes. As soon as someone fires this clown he should have no problem being hired by Edwards as Payson's next Public Works Director should the voters of Payson go brain dead and elect him.

I have always thought Barry Goldwater might have the right idea in splitting the United States at the Mississippi River.

I, for one, have had enough of politicians, particularly one who does not know about, let alone remember, when the Beeline Highway was dirt all the way to Payson.

Please people, get behind Barbara Brewer and work to solve our problems and not go through a Michigan experiment.

Many more are leaving that state than going there.

Gary Crisp, Payson

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