Next Generation Has Plenty To Worry About



As a child and a young man, I frequently heard or read the following expression: "The pen is mightier than the sword."

The Palestinians are equipped with vast quantities of that weapon, which they use with great effect. As a result, Israel has apparently given up its dream of incorporating all, or virtually all, of its conquered territories into a "Greater Israel."

Current and future Mexican immigrants in the United States who are amply supplied with that weapon could use it to effectively retake vast areas of the American West and Southwest which Americans took from Mexico with the sword. (The likelihood of that situation could be more problematic if a recent report of a large drop in the Mexican birthrate is correct.) Should it take place, however, it would probably mean a big change in this country as we have known it. Whether it would bode ill or bode well for the nation as a whole is debatable. (Perhaps it would result in improvements in our cuisine and music.) Mexican-Americans I have known seemed to me to be no better, or no worse, than other Americans.

Never-the-less, the fact that some authorities consider Mexico to be the most corrupt nation on earth does concern me. If that is true, there must be a serious flaw in that culture, as Mexico is very rich in natural resources and hard-working people.

As I expect to be "looking at the wrong side of the grass" in the not too distant future, I don't expect to lose any sleep over the entire situation. Let the young folks do that. They can also worry about the prospect of China or India replacing the United States as "King of the Hill" by mid-century. If that is not enough to keep them busy, they can also worry about a possible 20-foot rise in sea level by the turn of the century.

Otis M. Trimble, Payson

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