Senior Center Ousts Entire Board


With one nay vote, a standing room only crowd voted to remove the current board of the Payson Senior Center Tuesday, and then elected five "interim board members" to replace them.

Larry Frisbie read a statement of reasons that justified the action.


Payson Senior Center members voted to oust their board and elect an interim board Tuesday. Whether or not it was legally done is still to be determined.

Among the reasons:

"The board has used nepotism to appoint associates to be on the board of directors," Frisbie said. "The board has manipulated the so-called bylaws or operating procedures to be self-serving."

Then he made a motion to immediately remove the entire board -- president William Martin, treasurer Michael Lumley, secretary Lola McKee and board members Gerry Imboden and Dan Lane. The board was also removed as members of the Payson Multipurpose Senior Center Development Association, Inc.

"There are certain rules and procedures for conducting business as a corporation in the state of Arizona," said attorney James Tanner, who said he was asked to represent the board of directors. "If you wish to remove a board of directors there are procedures to do so."

Those procedures were not followed, he said.

"I think you need to understand that the things that were said here earlier are not privileged," he continued. "They can be actionable. The items that were said against individuals are things that can be defamatory."

An interim board, comprised of Melvin Palmer, Debra Barber, Charlie Smith, Mike Vogel, Paul Bates and Terry Curtis, was voted in.

Board president Martin left the meeting planning to visit with Tanner.

He said, "That was not a proper meeting" because the organizers "did not certify the membership" and that notice of the meeting was improperly made.

During the meeting, Palmer said that bank accounts should be frozen and he called for an immediate audit of the accounts.

"I know the old board froze the bank accounts and no one got paid today (May 3)," Smith said.

The interim board will meet at the senior center at 3 p.m. May 5.

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