Take Back Our Country From Illegal Immigrants



I'm really sick of turning on the news and seeing the illegals and their friends marching -- especially the kids who are out there instead of in school.

If the media would not make such a big deal of it, there would not be marching. They should have ignored the marching after the first time and we wouldn't have it building all over the United States. The kids sure wouldn't be interested if there weren't all the cameras out there. The illegals cost us millions of dollars with medical, schools, welfare and crime problems and now we have to pay for them marching.

Who do you think is paying for the water, porta-potties and business loss because of having to close for the day? We all are. So, now we are paying millions more all due to the illegals. It will never stop until we send them back and that better be soon, as the next thing will be riots. Think back to the riots we had years ago in Detroit and California. This time it will be a lot worse, as we have let the number of illegals far outnumber the legal citizens from Mexico.

Don't listen to those who say they help our economy. How can they do that when they send the money they make here back to Mexico and live off our welfare?

Let's take our country back.

Norma Setla, Payson

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