Vote For Bob Edwards And Ed Blair



I have noted with interest a few things about Mayor Brewer's campaign. Some of her campaign signs state: "Brewer is truer." Well, how about her recent TV ad where she flatly states that Payson is practicing safe yield with our water supply?

That's not the truth! Let's take a closer look at the truth. There have been a number of scientific hydrologic studies on the water supply in the Rim Country, and guess what? They don't agree.

Even the experts cannot agree on whether we have enough water. I don't know for sure, but I'll bet our mayor does not have a degree in underground hydrology. The only logical conclusion anyone can draw is that no one really knows for sure. Therefore, the only safe approach is to plan on the basis of worst case.

Yet, Mayor Brewer is planning on a best case scenario and that is very dangerous. Not only that, despite her claim that "Brewer is Truer," her TV ad statement is simply not the truth.

It is reckless and irresponsible to make such a claim when there are scientific reports to the contrary. Moreover, to actually allow unbridled development in the face of this is a huge gamble. What if the opposing reports are correct? We have already committed water resources we may not have. If we build another 1,000 homes and the drought continues, it may well be possible for wells to run dry.

Then what? What is Blue Ridge if not on-line by then?

Unfortunately, our mayor has chosen to rely on reports that support her agenda and dismiss those that don't. This is both dishonest and irresponsible. Why is she making such a reckless claim? She appears more allied to the development community than she is to the existing residents. She is determined to build Payson out to the limits of the current General Plan, which is a population of 32,000 -- more than double our present population. The controversy over water is just an annoyance, so she ignores the realities.

On the other hand, Bob Edwards is determined to get to the bottom of the water matter so we know where we stand, and then proceed with development in a manner that will not outstrip our supply. Bob Edwards has stated this.

So, who are you gonna trust? Vote for Bob Edwards and Ed Blair.

Al Poskanzer, Payson

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