2006 Arizona Scholars Named At Phs


An Arizona Scholar is a high school graduate who has accepted the challenge to include in his or her studies courses that are above and beyond the Arizona State basic requirements.

An Arizona Scholar seeks a wide variety of courses including biology, chemistry and physics laboratory classes, or the equivalent, two years of a foreign language and earned a grade of "C" or better in all qualifying classes.

The Arizona Scholars Program recognizes the success of students who may not have the highest GPA but who have demonstrated the commitment and tenacity to earn a passing grade in difficult courses.

This year's Arizona Scholars embarked on this challenging course of studies before the Arizona Scholars program was introduced here in Payson. Therefore, they have demonstrated the attitude that is highly sought after by the program.

PHS scholars

The following Payson High School students were chosen as 2006 Arizona Scholars:

Molly Agnes

Donald Engler

Brianna Quinlan

Hilary Armenta

Tracy Fitzpatrick

Brandon Riley

Matthew Behrens

Kendra Francis

Josef Salmons

Christopher Bott

Rand Hallman

Rebekah Sandoval

Monique Bouvier

Derrick Hoosava

Chelsea Schmidt

Amy Buckner

Beryl Jones

Brian Schwind

Brandon Buckner

Patrick Karlowski

Leesa Sheehan

Lance Chabot

Todd Kreimeyer

Sierra Sommars

David Cluff

Calvin Legassie

Lydia Sweet

Michael Daniels

Matthew LeVac

Patrick Walker

Darryl DeWeese

Jonny Malloy

Luke Williams

Timothy Dixon

DeAwna McDowell

Erin Wilson

Alicia Durnin

Danielle O'Haver

Jacob Winans

Samantha Elliott

Kaycee Pugel

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