A Vote For Bob Edwards



I am writing this letter in support of Bob Edwards for mayor in the upcoming election for the Town of Payson. As a resident of Payson, I believe Mr. Edwards has the experience, wisdom and leadership to be an excellent mayor for the town, which is facing some major challenges during this new millennium.

After speaking with Mr. Edwards about his short- and long-term goals, which he would work to implement during his term as mayor, I felt that he was the best candidate to lead our town through these serious and challenging times.

Mr. Edwards is a supporter of law enforcement and would ensure that the taxpayers of this community get the best service possible and would hold all the directors accountable for spending in their respective departments.

Another concern that I have is the amount of money being spent by the current mayor on her campaign. Where, or who, is this money coming from to support the expensive television commercials, newspaper ads and signage? I hope this is not coming from special interest groups from the Valley who could care less about the citizens of Payson.

I believe that Bob Edwards would not sell himself to these special interest groups. Please do not vote for someone because they have lived here longer than someone else. Please vote for the best candidate who will lead the Town of Payson through these trying times with strong leadership and integrity. Bob Edwards has my support.

Kim J. Pound, Payson

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