Barbara Brewer Has Good Record



Considering the old and unmistakable predictor, the best judge about a person's future can be based on their past. A good past translates into a good future. As for a bad past, why even consider?

Using that analogy, it's a simple choice to elect Barbara Brewer as the next mayor of Payson. All of her campaign commitments have been accomplished -- street improvements have been made, more has been done during her administration in solving Payson's water need than during prior councils and good internal communication is ongoing.

I know, from personal experience, that Barbara always did her "homework" on every issue the council was to consider. Whether that meant go look and see, extensive study, or travel out-of-town seeking expert advice.

She not only talked the talk, but walked the walk.

All local citizens even have a much bigger advantage to consider in her favor, and that is that Barbara has called Payson home for 35 years.

Throughout all of those years, we have had the opportunity to see and know her as a good citizen, a mother, and now even a grandmother, a homemaker and 18 years as the owner and operator of a small business.

Let's add 10 straight years as a council member and mayor where she has maintained a "totally and transparent" record that is outstanding.

In Barbara's case, "what you see is what you get."

In any and every consideration, Barbara Brewer is clearly your best choice to be the next mayor of Payson.

Ray Schum, Former councilor and mayor (1996-2002)

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