Crowley Corrects Edwards/Blair Math, History



Since Bob Edwards and his campaign manager Leon Keddington have targeted personal attacks at me, I want to stress to the voters of Payson that I am not a candidate for mayor. And should I win on write-in votes, I will not serve.

That said, Mr. Keddington's April 28 attack, with its mind-numbing array of numbers, was particularly disturbing because it reveals their campaign is not only "fact-challenged," but also badly in need of remedial math.

First, let me congratulate him on a number he got right: The Edwards committee did raise $12,274.46 as of the latest filings. Regarding Mr. Edwards' running-mate Ed Blair, however, we can only give him half credit, because he cites two different totals in two different paragraphs. The higher one was correct. He used the lower one to compute their combined total, so that was wrong, too.

He fouls up again on the average donation size for Mayor Brewer's re-election campaign, understating her number of donors by 23 percent. Depending upon how one computes it, the correct average is about $190 per donor (plus or minus $1), not $234.

Of more consequence, Mr. Keddington stated that my wife and I and one of our friends had total contributions at that time totaling $3,560 -- way too high, Leon, try again.

I won't speak for our friend, but filings show that my wife and I donated $1,510 to four wonderful candidates, while Mr. Keddington and his wife donated $1,540 to two not-so-wonderful candidates and the Citizens for Community-Based Growth.

Mr. Keddington conveniently ignores the $8,960 raised by Citizens for Community Based Growth (CCBG). When combined with the Edwards/Blair total, we're back at $28,043.77 -- a number his letter contests.

Bad math aside, the Edwards/ Blair and CCBG campaigns want you to forget that CCBG chairman Edwards announced in October that the group would "field a slate of candidates" and that Edwards remained chairman for almost a month after announcing his own candidacy in November, meanwhile purchasing a Payson voter list.

In December, CCBG's new chairman said the group "supports him."

Since then, CCBG and Edwards have ridden their failed but divisive referendum effort until the nag collapsed under mounting legal costs and the untimely renewed friendship among Star Valley, Payson and developers.

If any voters believe there is no relationship between Edwards/Blair and CCBG, I suggest they put their dentures under the pillow and wait for the Tooth Fairy.

Don Crowley, Payson

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