Next Year's Ninth-Graders Should Be Judged On Own Merit



We are currently eighth-graders, soon to be ninth-graders.

We would like to express our disagreement with the principal's decision on not allowing freshmen to go off campus for lunch next year. We don't think it's fair that they are making this decision based on how the current ninth-graders have acted. If they made their decision on how the ninth-graders have behaved, then shouldn't they take away their privilege to go off campus? We just think they should at least give us the chance to go off campus next year, even if it's just for a quarter, just to prove that we can handle it. And, if we can't handle the privilege, then we deserve to have it taken away, but not without a chance to prove ourselves first.

Amber Clark, Katie Hancock, Eighth-graders at RCMS

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