Payson Council To Discuss Speed Bumps, Rezoning


With McLane Road already under construction, the Payson town council at its April 27 meeting asked the public works engineer to look into speed bumps to control traffic on the road.

Council believes speed bumps could be a cost-effective method of controlling traffic in the area. Town staff will present a process, including cost, community involvement and maintenance requirements at the 6 p.m. May 11 regular council meeting.

Once a policy is set, the council can then go to the neighbors and developers, and work in tandem with the public works department, to install the speed-slowing devices.

Council will also discuss the rezoning of a 64-acre property in the 1200 to 1700 block of East Cedar Lane.

The application calls for a rezoning from one house per 4 acres to one house per 44,000 square feet for a 54 single-family housing subdivision. Mark Perry of Terra-Payson 65 LLC asked the council to delay the rezoning request at the April 27 town council meeting.

The May 11 public hearing allows interested parties to address the audience and council. If the zoning request is approved, the project moves to preliminary platting -- a process that involves initial engineering and planning work.

The council will also discuss a formal request to Public Works Engineer LaRon Garrett to implement a drainage project for the Payson Ranchos area east of McLane Road.

A past public works project in the late 1990s to mitigate the drainage problem in this area was shelved because town could not secure the easements along the private property lines.

This time around, the council could condemn the area needed for the easements, depending on the cooperation of the neighbors.

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