Quote From Previous Article Does Not Represent Current Opinion



In July 2004, I, with several other parents, attempted to convince then superintendent, Mr. Weissenfels, to establish an additional position for a fourth-grade teacher for Julia Randall Elementary. During that time, I made several comments to the paper that I gave permission to have printed. On April 10 of this year, Max Foster contacted me via e-mail regarding the situation with the contract not being offered to Mrs. Miles, and I responded stating that I had nothing newsworthy to say.

Does this mean that I no longer like Peggy Miles? Absolutely not. I think that she is a wonderful person and I consider her a friend, and think that during our fight for a fourth-grade teacher she did a great job.

Does this mean that I disagree with the board's decision? No. It means that I feel that it is not my decision to decide who is offered contracts. Not being able to see the situation through the board and superintendent's eyes, I cannot have a comment that will be well informed. Nor can I see it through Mrs. Miles' eyes.

I happen to trust in our new superintendent and our board. I am no longer at JRE, my children no longer attend JRE, and I am not privy to anything that is going on or has gone on at the school since we left.

The person I have lost complete faith in is Mr. Foster. Not only do I believe that he often embellishes stories for the pure shock factor, I believe that he takes things out of context on a regular basis. If you look closely at the quote that he used from me, the statement was made over a year and a half ago. What that has to do with the current situation is beyond me.

I would think that with everyone involved in the discussion that has erupted from Mrs. Miles' contract, Mr. Foster could find a more appropriate comment for this article.

Is it pure laziness that requires Mr. Foster to go back to previously published articles to get statements for current ones? I am boggled as to when a person says, "I don't think that I would be able to contribute anything newsworthy," why a quote would be used at all.

To the average person reading this article, one would assume that I recently gave the quote.

Marlene Armstrong, Payson

Editor's note: Max Foster was attempting to provide historical perspective in his article. He referenced Armstrong's support during Miles' first few months on the job when she led a group of parents lobbying administrators for another fourth-grade teacher.

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