What's Up?


Q: Is it true what I heard in KMOG interview with a Habitat for Humanity person that Payson Area Habitat for Humanity does not make it a requirement for someone they are giving a home to, to be a U.S. citizen?

A: "We only build homes for United States citizens," said Habitat vice-president Bruce Hopkins. "I'm not sure what was said and the context it was said in, but there has not been any discussion at the board level to change that."

Q: I know that it is possible to get a list (on a disk) from Town Hall of who was registered to vote and who did not vote in any particular election. For those who did vote, is it still a secret who they voted for and how they voted on a particular issue?

A: "How people vote is a secret," said town clerk Silvia Smith. "there is no way to tell who voted for who. The list that you are talking about is the poll list, which has always been public record. (For instance,) if you go and vote at the polls, as soon as they fill like fifty names on a sheet they pull it off and Scotch Tape it outside the polling place, and anybody can walk up and read and see who has been there to vote all day long."

Q: How do I contact the Payson Education Center and Gila County Superintendent of Schools Linda O'Dell's office?

A: PAC is 472-5373, ext. 5375. O'Dell's office is 928-402-8784.

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