Americans Are Sick Of Media's Liberal Bias



The April 25 edition of the Payson Roundup was very disappointing when you saw fit to publish the letter submitted by Mark Reyes.

There was a similar letter published the week before. Your policy instructions stated no personal attacks and stick to the issues, which you apparently do not adhere to when the letter is attacking the President of the United States.

Letters like this are vindictive, hateful and serve absolutely no purpose except to show how biased the author is and your publishing this shows that your attitude supports his.

I am sure you have letters in your mailbag defending our president, which you chose not to publish.

I am tired of the rhetoric put out by Bush haters and the bias of the media in only presenting the negative side. Keep it up and you will lose your readers. Ask the Phoenix Republic and Tribune how they are doing. They are abandoned every day by subscribers who are sick of it.

Ask CNN, who presents only the liberal view and usually not the entire story, how it is doing against Fox who presents conservative and liberal views -- rarely is only one side presented. CNN doesn't have even half the viewers that Fox has.

Most people like an honest debate, which is borne out by Fox ratings.

I would ask that you be fair and do better than hate letters against the President of the United States. Present both sides. Bias like this is almost anti-American.

Helen P. Rodgers, Part-time Payson resident

Editor's note: The Payson Roundup considers its Letters to the Editor page to be a true public forum where anyone can speak his or her mind. Letters are run whether we agree with them or not.

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