Firefighters Endorse Candidates



Northern Gila County Firefighters Association (NGCFA) endorses the re-election of our current mayor Barbara Brewer. Mayor Brewer has a long history of 31 years as a Payson resident and knows the need of our growing community. Also, Mayor Brewer has always shown honesty, integrity and loyalty to the citizens of Payson, as well as strong support toward public safety needs for the Town of Payson.

NGCFA also endorses council candidates Su Connell and Barbara Underwood.

Su Connell has a strong business and leadership background, along with an extensive history of community service/volunteer work in the Rim Country.

Barbara Underwood has a long history as a local business owner in Payson, and is dedicated and committed to the community of Payson.

Lynn A. Larned, Executive Board Member, Northern Gila County Firefighters Association

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