Graffiti A Cancer Payson Needs To Control



Graffiti is like an infection or a cancer. If it is not attacked right away, it will continue to grow. The tagger (who was arrested weeks ago and took responsibility for much of the graffiti in Payson) is not an "urban artist."

He doesn't care about his community, his family, his school or his neighborhood. His graffiti is nothing more than vandalism, which is a crime.

All the tagger wants to do is to "mark his territory." The only way to beat him is to remove the graffiti immediately. One of the most effective methods of attacking graffiti is a "graffiti hotline."

When graffiti is seen, the hotline is called and the owner of the "tagged" property is contacted and, hopefully, the tag is removed right away. This is a community problem and the community must solve it as a concerned group of citizens who do care about their community. I think the Town of Payson has to deal with this cancer now, or it will spread and we will all suffer.

Donn C. Morris, Payson

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