Humane Society Never Treats Animals Like Trash



First of all, I want to say how very sad I was to hear about the tragic incident that happened at the residence of Maryann Pratt on April 6. As the owner of seven dogs who are all very much members of my family, I understand her sadness completely.

The point of this letter is to respond to a call we received from someone who read the article "Owner of dogs who killed mountain lion tells her story." A very angry man left a message on our answering machine stating, " You f***ing people have no f***ing business calling your self a f***ing humane society after the way you treated those dogs who killed the lion. You're not f***ing humane. You shouldn't have done that, you mother f***ers."

What folks need to understand is what happened to those dogs was not something any employee or board member of Payson Humane Society had any control over. Payson Humane Society is the facility where, due to our contracts with the Town of Payson as well as Gila County, all the animals handled by animal and rabies control are brought to us.

And when rabies is suspected the officer who delivers the animal handles it. There are laws in place to protect the public from rabies. And since Maryann chose to wait until after her dogs had killed the lion to have them inoculated and the lion was found to have rabies, that is when the law steps in and tells us all what to do. The law says the dogs have to be killed or quarantined.

What I would like to say to Maryann is that her dogs, nor anyone's dog, are ever treated as trash at Payson Humane Society.

I can say with confidence that our staff is very kind and compassionate to all the animals who come through our gate.

The bottom line here is, if we as pet owners really love our animals and want the best for them, it is up to us to provide for them and that includes keeping them up to date on their inoculations.

Lisa Boyle, Board member, Payson Humane Society

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