It's The Simple Things That Make A Town



Sometimes it is the little things that seem so very important. This week it was a copy machine. Star Valley finally received its new machine and our town clerk, Sarah Luckie, is still smiling.

There have been lots of jokes about government paperwork, but it is a fact that we use lots of paper just getting our town started.

For example, some of the many copies that we have been making are of the Zoning Ordinance that is being developed by a committee made up of local business owners, contractors and other interested parties. This ordinance should be adopted by July 1, and the committee is working very hard to develop a document that will be presented to the public for comment. The Zoning Ordinance is very important as it sets the tone for development in Star Valley and we are hoping that many residents of the town get involved and take the time to attend the public meetings and express their views.

Sarah is also going to be very busy with the new copy machine as we provide copies of the proposed town ordinances to the Council so they can begin to work on the new rules for our town. The Star Valley Town Code will set rules and procedures for a variety of topics, such as administration of the town, boards and commissions, traffic rules, motor vehicles and many other topics.

The council will determine what the new codes will be, and while there is no public hearing, it would be beneficial for everyone to stop by Town Hall to take a look at the proposed code and give us his or her thoughts.

One more milestone for our town will take place on May 16. The first elected town council for Star Valley will be sworn into office. The council will then select a mayor and vice-mayor.

Two members of the Council, who worked very hard in the formation of Star Valley, have chosen not to continue with the council. Mayor Ronnie McDaniel and councilmember Ted Pettet, who was actually the first mayor of Payson, will continue to serve the town in other ways. We will miss them, but welcome the two new members who have decided it is their turn to help Star Valley. As always, we invite everyone to stop at the Star Valley Town Hall, located on Highway 260 in the Star Valley Baptist Church.

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