Wildlife Fair Great Outdoor Educational Experience



The 12th annual Wildlife Fair will be held tomorrow, May 13, at Green Valley Park.

This open-air fair is a must for all outdoor enthusiasts as well as a great place for parents to spend a few hours with their children in a real fun-filled educational experience.

I have attended the last two years and initially planned to walk through in about thirty minutes, but ended up spending the entire morning browsing the numerous booths and displays.

One of the biggest hits is the Arizona display of wild animals that will include rattlesnakes, Gila monsters, birds of prey, and even a prairie dog. The Arizona Game and Fish Department, as well as the U.S. Forest Service, will provide experts on these animals, and they are available to answer the many questions asked.

As an educator, it is especially rewarding to see children observe these animals and then pose questions that broaden their understanding. It is one of the best learning experiences that can be created about the Arizona outdoors.

Numerous booths will line the park area, which will be manned by members of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the Mogollon Sports Association, as well as the Arizona State Parks system. All of these groups, and many more, will offer valuable information about the wildlife of Arizona.

Fishing will be a big hit for the day because the Arizona Game and Fish Department is offering a full day of fishing with no license required at Green Valley Park.

Our local conservation officers, Craig McMullen, David Daniels, Jimmy Simmons and Henry Apfel will be present to help in the casting booth and the virtual fishing galleries.

Everyone is welcome to fish in Green Valley Lake, which will have its last stocking of the spring. By the way, there will be twice as many trout as normal plus many of the fish will be considered real lunkers in the 14-inch and over category.

Just a reminder, the urban regulations call for a four-fish limit and two fish for an unlicensed child under 14 years old.

I would highly recommend that all of you local Paysonites visit Green Valley Park tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for the Wildlife Fair.

Take a friend and learn more about the outdoors and enjoy God's creation.

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